About Dr. Ardolf

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A Physician and Athlete With A Passion for Restoring Your Health

"I believe the body has the ability to cure itself given the right condition. I approach each patient's care with an unfailing desire to uncover the root cause of their health issue and treat the disease - never settling for just eliminating or suppressing symptoms."

Dr. Deborah Ardolf, ND

As a physician, Deborah Ardolf, ND's expertise in treating autoimmune diseases, allergies, drug addiction, and cardiovascular disease, in particular, draws patients from throughout the world to her center in Kapa'au on Hawaii Island. Here, the natural beauty of the island provides an unmatched restorative environment as patients progress to wellness.

Early in her career, Dr. Adolf's desire to expand her experience in treating what other physicians may deem "untreatable" cases led her to study with several of the world's leading physicians. These pioneers of advanced non-toxic treatments, techniques, and natural formularies, include the Nobel Prize recipient William Hitt, MD, at the Dr. William Hitt Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, one of the most progressive medical centers in the world, and Thomas Kruzel, ND, physician, author, and speaker, who helped hone her skills in diet, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and IV medicine.

Dr. Arfdolf, neuropath
Dr. Ardolf, herbal medicine in Kapaau

Dr. Ardolf, ND's Treatment Philosophy

The body has the ability to cure itself, given the right conditions. She approaches each patient's care with an unfailing desire to uncover the root cause of his or her health issue and treat the dis-ease—never settling for just eliminating or suppressing symptoms.

She earned her Doctorate degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, one of five accredited naturopathic medical schools in the USA. She is licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in Hawaii and is also an experienced speech therapist. In Hawaii, naturopathic physicians are considered primary care physicians. They can diagnose, prescribe and treat for all ages.

Dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, she has biked across the continental United States and competed in the Hawaii World Ironman in Kailua-Kona. On most days, she enjoys an ocean swim or a tropical rainforest hike with her three rescue dogs alongside.


Hawaii Naturopathic Medical License 2009 – Present

Arizona Naturopathic Medical License 2009 – 2014