Natural Medicine

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Natural and Formulated Supplements Including Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs

Dr. Ardolf and Associates maintain a natural pharmacy utilizing proprietary brands - only those sold to physicians' offices - of the highest quality.

Botanical Medicine

Our world has many plants that contain natural healing properties. They can be a great substitute for antibiotics, used in acute or chronic illness to boost the immune system, normalize the heart rate and rhythm, dissolve kidney stones, diminish gas and bloating and help heal ulcers, the intestines, or open wounds. Herbs can be prescribed in isolation to be used topically or blended and given orally to increase their synergistic power.

Dr. Ardolf, ND & Associates maintain a medicinary with a wide variety of vitamin, herbal, and homeopathic preparations to fit each person's unique medical needs.

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Samuel Hahnemann first introduced homeopathic medicine in the 1700s as a gentle, safe and effective form of medicine that aims to treat the symptoms of the disease by prescribing minute amounts of a substance that most closely matches the patients’ unique symptoms.

There are thousands of different homeopathic medicines available to the trained physician to treat acute and chronic diseases; these homeopathic medicines also remain highly effective for mental and emotional symptoms such as depression, grief, and anxiety.

Many patients have experienced lasting changes from homeopathy, allowing them to discontinue the use of prescription medications.


Constitutional hydrotherapy is a simple yet specialized technique to greatly improve recovery from many illnesses—both acute and chronic—through the use of hot and cold applications. Hydrotherapy has been used successfully by thousands of naturopathic physicians for over a century and, at one time, was a standard medical treatment for many illnesses in hospitals and clinics called "Water Cure." It is gentle, relaxing, and healing.

The benefits of constitutional hydrotherapy include improved sleep, digestion, bowel function, increased energy, elimination of skin rash/eruptions, and a reduction in chronic pain. For best results, a series of constitutional hydrotherapy sessions is most effective. The number of treatments needed is partially determined by your specific illness and your health history. For example, the abrupt onset of bronchitis or pneumonia can be successfully treated in as few as two sessions.

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IV Treatment

With IV treatments, nutrients are delivered directly into the patient's bloodstream. This is particularly effective in treating acute illnesses, which are characterized by a loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea that further weaken the body and make it harder for health to return. An IV can bypass the gut, allowing more time for the body to recover while providing it with the essential amount of fluids and nutrients to encourage healing to take place.

IV treatments are also a very effective, non-pharmacological way to treat infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, depression, anxiety, asthma, and heavy metal toxicity. It is also very effective in immediately boosting the body's immune response and general well-being.

Dr. Ardolf, ND, customizes "formulas" for each patient's special needs. IV naturopathic treatments are particularly effective for:

Acute Illness.


Alzheimer dementia.





Energy boosts when feeling depleted.

Environmental toxicity.

Macular degeneration.


Parkinson's disease.

Wound Healing.

Athletes, construction workers, groundskeepers, and others can become dehydrated and, if not closely monitored, can get into trouble by failing to replenish their bodies with fluids. An IV can help prevent dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and heat stroke.

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Natural Pharmacy (Formulary)

Naturopathic physicians receive extensive training in the use of natural substances to treat illnesses. These include homeopathic medicines, botanical medicines, protomorphogens, transfer factors, kinases, vitamins, and minerals. Each of these substances plays an important role in restoring health and, when prescribed specifically for the presenting illness, do so gently and without the side effects encountered with drug therapy.

Dr. Ardolf, ND, and Associates maintain a natural pharmacy utilizing proprietary brands (only those sold to physicians' offices) of the highest quality. Many of the supplement companies in the medicinary are formulated and owned by other naturopathic physicians and often include a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs all in one capsule.

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